Saturday Wing Chun 2023 May 6

May 6, 2023 | 1 comment

Sifu Jerry Gardner

Sifu Jerry Gardner

Please forgive the long delay in posting new notes. I’m skipping ahead to today’s class.

Rise up to balance. Ha! We’re already balanced; we keep interfering with it. As we seek our own balance, see where it takes us.

You must stretch your mind.

goofy baby mind stretch drawing

Stretch your mind.

  1. Just rest
  2. As it is—this is the bridge to:
  3. Present moment wakefulness

Wherever you find yourself, practice.

The abandonment of self—it’s not necessary to do so—(instead be) the yogi who gives into the fray, is a vessel of kindness. Listen and be patient.

It doesn’t matter how enlightened, smart, or stupid you are, enjoy life! The one constant is change.

Serena, a wise student of Sifu’s, said in order to live, we must feel. We are afraid to feel. Give yourself time to develop. To listen and be patient.  To be patient and really listen.

May these notes be of benefit!

Sifu D’Arcy

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  1. Thank you for posting! Great photo of Sifu Gardener!


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