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Sifu Jerry Gardner

Sifu Jerry Gardner

These are just quick words from Wing Chun class today. It’s the first one I’ve had a chance to attend since his retreat, from which he was so rudely interrupted 😆. For more on that comment, and Jack Parr, visit American Masters, Jack Parr | As I Was Saying.
Fruits from a conversation with, Abriel, Sifu’s daughter:
  1. Persevere with
  2. A positive attitude and with an
  3. Open heart
The Six Breaths/Sentinels or The Six Senses
Consider equanimity
Bring to mind someone you care for deeply. Let that feeling settle into your body and bones.
Look to your neighbors on your left, people with whom you are acquainted. Send that feeling to those neighbors.
Look to the neighbors on your right, people who you avoid. Send the same feeling to those them too.
We can ripple our light all around us, like a pebble dropped in a smooth body of water.
Mind nourishment, rest in inaction.  — Master of Concealment
Part of Sifu’s retreat included time with his friend, Todd Siler, PhD, a Cerebralist, author of Breaking the Mind Barrier and Think Like a Genius among other works, who encourages the genius in each of us.
A moment when all thoughts cease. 🤧😁
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May these notes be of joyful benefit,
Sifu D’Arcy


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