Clair Hamill

Sifu Clair Hamill

As a young man, Sifu Clair practiced Judo in the US Army and Kung Fu in college. He enjoyed both martial arts, but sought something else for long term study. Under the guidance of Master Sifu Jerry Gardner, Sifu Clair began studying T’ai Chi at the Red Lotus School of Movement. He has been his student for over 17 years and in 2009, he was granted the title and position of Sifu and Disciple by Sifu Gardner.

Sifu Clair currently teaches T’ai Chi at the Red Lotus School of Movement. He has also presented seminars and taught specialty classes for patients at the Huntsman Cancer Center in Salt Lake City.

When Sifu Clair discovered T’ai Chi, he was impressed with the physical and mental benefits of the practice. He found it could align and strengthen the body, calm the breath, and relax the mind far better than any fighting style of martial art. Additionally, T’ai Chi can be practiced anywhere, in any space, and at any age or physical condition. Sifu Clair believes there is no end to the value T’ai Chi can bring to his life and the lives of others. Plus, he thinks it keeps him young!

A native of Pittsburg, Sifu Clair has lived near Salt Lake City for over 20 years, and is an IT consultant. He also enjoys teaching Motorcycle Safety on the weekends. He is married and has one young son.

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